What is the Assassin Game?

College students and high school seniors love playing Assassin. It's like a two-week game of tag where players eliminate each other by completing assignments (hunting their targets to squirt them with a water squirter, slap a sticker on their back, or photo-bomb them, for example). The last player standing wins the game. 

How to Host a Game Using Gotcha

Here's everything you need to know about hosting a game...

Pick a start date/time

Decide when to start playing your game and how long you want it to last. 

Draft your rules

Rules should include Player Qualifications, Game Overview, Round Explanation, Elimination Procedure, Safe Zones, Safety Guidelines and Prizes.

Gotcha comes pre-loaded with a set of rules that you can modify.

Invite players

Gotcha provides a unique QR code and link to register for your game. Invite players by InstaGram, text, email or any other messaging platform. Game hosts generally don’t play, but Gotcha hosts technically can because they don’t have access to “inside information” giving them an advantage. 

Approve players

From the Gotcha app's ADMIN tab, approve or deny players as they submit their registrations. A news feed post gets created after each approval.

Configure the rounds

The Gotcha app’s ADMIN tab allows you to enter a series of rounds, each with its own start and end date and time.

Each round is either an Assignment Round or a Free-For-All Round.

At the start of an Assignment Round, each active player receives a new target. 

In a Free-For-All Round each active player tries to eliminate as many other active players as possible.

A round may also have an elimination quota. Players meeting their quota by the end of the round advance to the next round, while those who don’t get dropped from the game.

Once you know how many players you have, estimate how many rounds you need, their type, and duration to complete your game in the time you allotted.

Start the Game

The game starts when you start the first round from the app’s ADMIN tab. If it's an assignment round, each player receives their own target in their STATUS tab. A news feed post gets created to announce the start of the round.

Approve or deny eliminations

If targets don't confirm their eliminations after players upload their elimination proof videos, review the videos and either confirm or deny the eliminations from the app’s ADMIN tab. A newsfeed post gets created with the video for each confirmed elimination, a push notification gets sent to all players, and the PLAYERS tab gets updated.

End the round

After the round’s end time passes, and you finish approving or denying last minute eliminations, you can end the round from the app’s ADMIN tab. If the round has an elimination quota, players who haven’t met the quota get eliminated from the game. A newsfeed post gets created with a leaderboard and farewell to the players not advancing to the next round.

Until the game ends, start the next round

When the game ends, a newsfeed post gets created declaring the winner(s).