Assassin App

The fun and easy way to host an Assassin game!

A Better Way

Why are you still managing your Assassin game with Instagram?

Gotcha's automatic player assignments, eliminations, and notifications make game management easy and error free.

With Gotcha, it doesn't matter who gets the prize, because you are always the winner!


Does your game have Free-For-All rounds or player revives?

Don't worry, because Gotcha's got you covered with flexible options for just about every Assassin flavor.

Next Level Fun

Gotcha elevates the player experience by placing everything at their fingertips:

  • News feed with elimination videos, game updates and comments
  • New target notifications
  • Leaderboard
  • Players list with status and history
  • Game rules

Watch the Gotcha Explainer Video

Watch this video to see how gotcha makes your game easier and more fun.

Gotcha at Concordia University

Levi interviews Alexis Borland from Concordia University about their Gotcha game.


Administrative Reminders

Gotcha reminds you to confirm players and eliminations.

Automatic Target Assignments

Gotcha automatically assigns player targets before each assignment round.

Automatic Player Eliminations

Gotcha automatically eliminates players who haven't met their quota by the end of a round.

Push Notifications

Players get notified when a round begins and when they are assigned a new target.

News Feed

Gotcha automatically creates a newsfeed post featuring the elimination video after it gets confirmed, and a summary everytime a round ends.

Players keep the conversation lively by adding comments to newsfeed posts.

Player List

The Player List shows all the players, their status and game history. Switch between all players, active players or leaderboard views.

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