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Terms and Conditions

Gotcha Regulations for Game Organizers

The following regulations (the “GORegulations”) apply to the people who oversee, administer and regulate the “Assassin” games, hereinafter referred to as the “Game Organizer.” 

The Game Organizer’s job is straightforward – they are the “game master.” The Game Organizer is responsible for (i) forming a game, (ii) inviting players to join the game, (iii) ensuring all registration fees are paid through the Gotcha app (the “App”), (iv) commencing a game once a sufficient number of players have joined,  (v) making the specific rules for the game, (vi) ensuring the players for the game comply with the game’s rules and Gotcha’s Terms and Conditions found here (the “Terms”), (vii) judging whether a player has been eliminated if there is a “contested elimination” and (viii) declaring the winner of a game and ensuring the fees are paid to said player through the App (collectively, the “Duties”). 

There shall only be one Game Organizer per game. The Game Organizer is not allowed to participate in the game that the Game Organizer carries out the Duties. The Game Organizer must not cheat or help any individual player win or cheat.

The Game Organizer should always be impartial, apply the rules equally and consistently to all players, be fair, promote fun and healthy competition, and ensure, to the best of their ability, that the game is played in a safe manner. 

The Game Organizer shall use “common sense” and their best sound judgment to ensure these GO Regulations are followed.

The Game Organizers agrees that it has complete control over the game and that Gotcha shall not provide any oversight or regulation over the Game Organizer. Gotcha shall only provide the platform in which the Game Organizers and the players can use to carry out and play their games. 

Because of the foregoing, the Game Organizer acknowledges and agrees that it shall be solely responsible for fulfilling all of the Duties and shall indemnify, defend and hold the Gotcha Parties (as defined by the Terms) harmless from any and all costs, damages, liabilities and injuries resulting from the Game Organizer’s carrying out of the Duties.